Malan’s Peak Trail

Malan’s Peak Trail is an “out-and-back” trail with entrances from either the 27th street trailhead or the 29th street trailhead near Ogden, UT. The trail ascends 2,060 feet, over approximately 4.5 miles (round trip) of mostly forested trail. Upon arrival at the trail’s end, visitors will be greeted with scenic views of the Ogden Valley, distant mountain peaks, and the Great Salt Lake.

This is a popular trail, which receives moderate to heavy traffic during the year, making navigation relatively easy. I took a winter hike on February 23rd, and I saw several other hikers and even some trail runners. Frequent trail use created several icy sections, and I highly recommend traction devices (e.g. yaktrax) for footwear, if hiking during the winter. It is a good idea to bring along trekking poles to aid in the climb and provide extra stability in the slick sections.

More Photos From the Trail!


Trail Summary:


Length: 4.5 miles (round-trip)

Duration: 2-4 hours

Elevation Gain: Approximately 2,060 feet (4,880 ft to 6,940 ft)

Difficulty: 7 of 10

Activities: Hiking, Photography, Views, Wildflowers


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