$10k Challenge Jan. 19th 2020 – Update

I started the $10k challenge, because I intend to hunt full time in the fall of 2020. Full time, as in no job, at least not a traditional 9 to 5. I’m not getting any younger, so it’s now or never to put a bull elk on the wall, and hopefully another deer or two.

Unfortunately, I will still have bills to pay between August 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2020. Hence, the birth of the $10k challenge. Based on my math, $10k will allow me to remain unemployed for five months, and chase my dreams for an entire season.

I started saving towards this goal on January 1st, 2020. As of January 19th, 2020, I have saved $1,020.00. Here is what the savings breakout looks like so far.

If you would like to contribute, please check out the donation link on the bottom of the 10k challenge page.

I established a high-yield online savings account as one of the first steps of this challenge. My online savings account earns 1.70% APY in interest. While it might not sound like much, based on my projections, I should earn about $40 in interest between now and August 1st, 2020. What took me 10-15 minutes to setup, saves me 2-3 hours I would have spent working to earn $40 net after taxes. It also allows me to easily segregate the money set aside towards reaching this goal. Speaking of goals, a goal is only as good as the plan to achieve it.

To reach my goal, I plan to utilize the following multi-faceted approach.

  • First and foremost, cash savings from my bi-weekly paychecks. I expect the majority of the goal to be reached (if it is reached) by disciplined savings from my regular paycheck.
  • Cutting back my spending.
  • Selling additional items I no longer use regularly on Craigslist and eBay, which I have already started.
  • Get a second job (part-time) by mid-march to help me meet my goal.
  • I created a donations link through PayPal
  • I am blogging about my journey and other outdoor activities, which should help me earn a very small amount of residual income.

Let me know if you’ve ever chased a crazy dream!

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  1. You had the cahones to pickup and move to Montana. I’m sure you will save the 10k. Curious to see your journey and what you do afterward! I’ll use your amazon link soon. One thing I’d add.. I noticed you mention car payment. If your ride is worth more than you owe I would consider selling and buying something cash. Save that payment up now and also not have to worry about it come hunting season. Just something to think about.
    1strangewilderness from THB

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