$10k Challenge Update

Disclaimer: This article contains Amazon Affiliate Links (I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you place an order through the links in the article below):

I have made significant progress towards achieving my goal of saving $10,000 since my initial $10k Challenge Post on January 19th, 2020.

I’ve summarized my progress to date, below.

January 29th, 2020 Update

I saved up a little more money towards my $10k goal. I sold a shooting belt on ebay and netted $42 after shipping/fees. I also socked away $238 in cash from my most recent paycheck. I would have been able to put quite a bit more away, but I had two big non-recurring expenses this pay check: Truck plates – $450 :violin: New bow strings/cables and 1/2 dozen arrows – $300. Here’s what my progress looks like to date. Hoping to be able to stash a little more next pay period.

February 11th, 2020 Update

I was able to save $363 in cash. I also received my first interest payment from my high yield savings account for a whopping, wait for it…$1.02!!! It’s essentially free money though, so I will take it! I should earn about $2.25 in interest in February, so that’s a little more exciting :lol: I also applied for a second job as a cashier at Cabelas, we will see if that pans out (spoiler alert: they never called me). I’m looking into getting set up to be an uber driver, too. I’ve heard the pay is pretty poor to average, but I like the idea of setting my own hours for a second job (spoiler alert: coronavirus hit a short time later, and I decided I didn’t want a bunch of strangers in my vehicle).

February 25th, 2020 Update

I sold another ebay item for $50, and saved $294 from my pay check for a total of $344. The current balance is $2,019.41. 20% of the way to achieving the goal, but at this pace, I’ll never make it.

March 6th, 2020 Update

I earned $2.18 ($3.20 total for Jan + Feb) in interest from my savings account. Free money is always my favorite money. I saved $223.27 from my pay check, and I earned my first Amazon commissions from my blog. I earned $5.14 in total from the Amazon commissions, which is roughly 4.5% of dollars ordered. A big thanks to anyone who bought something through a link on my site! The current balance is $2,250.00, 22.5% of the way there. As I mentioned during the last update, at this pace, I’ll never make it. I also uploaded some of my photos to a website called “Shutterstock”, where people can buy a license to your photo for a small fee. So far, zero sales there. Hope is not lost though, and I am still grinding!

March 28th, 2020 Update

Big thanks to anyone who ordered on Amazon through the links on my website. While I haven’t made much ($10.07), every dollar helps at this point. If you would like to help me reach my $10k challenge goal, I found an EASY way you can help.

1. Click on any link to an Amazon product in my blog (this will open Amazon in your browser). For example, click on either Amazon link in this article http://going4brokeoutdoors.com/vanguard-ph-304-window-mount-2/
2. Add any products from Amazon to your cart that you would have ordered otherwise, literally anything you would normally order from Amazon. You DO NOT have to order the product from my blog in step #1.
3. Order the product(s) from step #2 within 24 hours of clicking on my link.

That’s it! Click a link on my page, add products to your cart that you planned to order anyway and then place an order within 24 hours. There is no extra charge to you for clicking through my links, and I will earn a small commission from Amazon (the commission is already baked into the advertised selling price), and you can help support me at no cost to you. Any commissions will go directly towards meeting the $10k challenge goal. I’m not on pace to reach this goal on my own, so I am hoping some support from the Going 4 Broke Outdoors nation can give me a boost.

April 6th, 2020 Update

I added $350 in cash and $3.17 in interest from the $10k savings account. Even with interest rates cut to effectively zero, that account is still paying 1.70% (for now, at least).

My “hot” streak on Amazon ground to a halt this period, with no new commissions.

April 16th, 2020 Update

I got some IRS stimulus money this week, so I put $900 of that into the challenge account. If anyone is wondering why not the whole amount, well, I had a nasty tax bill this year. When I moved from Michigan to Montana, the place I worked for paid me some fairly significant money for relocation, including paying a moving company to move my household goods. However, I was responsible for all of the taxes on that “income”. I claimed “0” deductions all year, and even put extra money in my 401k to try and reduce my tax burden, but I still ended up owing $3k, which I paid this week. That was pretty gross :violin:

My Amazon commissions increased from $10.07 to $18.80 over the last two weeks, so that is a solid improvement. If anyone out there is clicking through links on my website to buy stuff on Amazon, thank you! I am hopeful that as I get more YouTube videos and blog content out there with affiliate links, this number will see some steady growth. I’ve done some projections and, as of today, I think I will end up with about $8k by August 1st on my current trajectory, which is when I plan to quit my job, if everything is going to plan. I have to figure out a way to increase my savings/earnings by about $2k in May 1 – July 31 if I am going to reach the goal.

Until next time!

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