What is the $10k Challenge? The $10k challenge started with a crazy idea.

“How much could I hunt if I had enough money to cover all of my living expenses for an entire hunting season, and I didn’t need a 9 to 5? What could I accomplish in one fall dedicated entirely to hunting, with a handful of tags across the U.S.?” I thought about the idea, and I became a little obsessed with making it a reality.

Fall 2020 is shaping up as a “do-it-yourself” dream season for out-of-state license draws. I should be able to draw the following tags:

  • Montana resident archery elk 900-20 tag (includes several draw only hunt districts, but the tag holder is restricted to archery equipment).
  • Montana resident general deer tag.
  • Montana resident archery antelope tag.
  • Iowa non-resident whitetail deer tag. I currently have enough preference points to draw even the most difficult units.
  • Kansas non-resident archery whitetail deer tag. I should have enough points to draw my preferred unit in 2020.
  • North Dakota non-resident over-the-counter whitetail deer tag.
  • South Dakota non-resident archery deer tag.

Follow along on the blog page, as I track my quest to accumulate $10k between Jan 21, 2020 and Aug 14, 2020, escape the daily grind, and go for broke in 2020!

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