Going 4 Broke Outdoors – The Origin

To be honest, Going 4 Broke Outdoors started as a joke.

I moved from Michigan to Montana in February of 2019 to pursue my unquenchable thirst for outdoor adventure. I love hiking, hunting, fishing, photography, the mountains, and anything outdoors. Unfortunately, after a few months at my new job in Montana, I realized I would not spend the next 25 years with that organization. I couldn’t even imagine enduring the 12-month contract I had signed up for. I was miserable at work and manic outside of it. The thought of moving back to Michigan, tail tucked, with my dreams of western adventure unfulfilled seemed unbearable.

While contemplating every contingency plan for my future, I had a crazy idea one day. What if I didn’t have to work? I laughed at myself. Of course, I have to work; nearly everyone works for a living. My girlfriend laughed at me too. “You’ll go broke”, she said. Then, I really started thinking about it. What would it take? I couldn’t shake the idea. The more I thought about it, the more I became obsessed. What if I had enough money to cover all of my living expenses for an entire hunting season? What if I didn’t need to punch the clock from September 1st to December 31st? What could I accomplish in one fall dedicated entirely to hunting with a handful of tags across the U.S.? Could I finally tag a bull elk? Could I find a 150” public land whitetail? What about a monster mule deer buck? The possibilities seemed endless.

I did the math. Car payment, insurance, rent, food, gas, etc., I could take a whole fall off if I had $10,000. “That doesn’t seem unobtainable,” I thought to myself. Then I waffled, “This is crazy,” I thought. Never one to shy away from unconventional living, I finally committed. I decided to go for it, to live the life that really feels like living to me, even if only for one fall. I bought the www.going4brokeoutdoors.com domain, and I taught myself how to build a website. The website, blog, and my YouTube Channel (Going4BrokeOutdoors) will document my Montana adventures from January 2020 through August 2020, my entire pre-season preparations, my progress on the $10k challenge, and my entire 2020 hunting season, as I go for broke!

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