How to Buy an Iowa Non-Resident Deer Preference Point

Almost every deer hunter dreams of drawing back on a giant Iowa whitetail! The first step in that process is buying an Iowa Non-Resident Deer Preference Point. The following guide walks through every step of the process, so that you can make your Iowa dreams a reality!

1. Create a Go Outdoors Iowa Account

Visit and click on the “Purchase Licenses, Permits, Tags, and Register for LOT”

How to Buy Iowa Preference Points for Deer

Select “Login” (for existing customers) or “Enroll Now” (for first time applicants/customers)

Buy Iowa Preference Points

2. Click on “Nonresident Deer & Turkey Applications Only”

Preference Points for Iowa Deer Hunting

4. Find “NR DEER PREFERENCE POINT” and click “Add to Cart”

Iowa Preference Point Purchase

5. Click the “Cart” Icon and then the “Checkout” button

How to Buy Iowa Preference Points for Deer Hunting

6. Click “Checkout Now”

Iowa Preference Point Guide for Deer

7. Enter your Payment information and then check the “Affirmations / Attestations” (if you agree) and then click “Pay Now”

Deer Hunting Iowa Preference Points

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step towards a future hunt in Iowa! For tips on scouting Iowa and lessons learned from my first hunt, check out Podcast episode #19!