1-on-1 E-Scouting Course


1-on-1 E-Scouting course dives deep into areas of interest, e-scouting resources, and e-scouting techniques.



This e-scouting course provides the following (3) three items:

1) One 15-minute Zoom meeting to discuss your goals and the properties/parcels to be e-scouted (up to 5,000 acres).

2) 1.5 hours of e-scouting conducted by myself (Jeremy Gillespie) of the properties/parcels identified during our initial Zoom call (item #1). I will take notes on the area(s), identify points of interest, predominate wind directions, and create an outline for a follow-up Zoom meeting (item #3). I will email the outline and GPS coordinates to any points of interest prior to the second Zoom meeting (item #3).

3) 1.5 hour Zoom meeting. Approximately 1 of the 1.5 hours will be spent reviewing items of interest identified as a result of my e-scouting (item #2). Approximately 0.5 of the 1.5 hour Zoom call will be spent on a Question and Answer session to answer any questions pertaining to e-scouting, e-scouting resources, e-scouting methods, or the findings from my e-scouting.

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