TightSpot 5-Arrow Quiver Review

In June of 2019, I upgraded my quiver to a TightSpot 5-arrow quiver. After using the TightSpot quiver for a full hunting season, here are my favorite features of this incredibly well designed and constructed quiver.

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Vertical Adjustment – No more nocks clicking on treestand platforms or nocks filled up with dirt! When I stowed my arrows in my old non-adjustable quiver, the nock ends on my arrows extended beyond the bottom cam of my bow. While setting my bow down to glass on a spot and stalk hunt, resting my bow during a ground hunt, or using a pull-up rope to get my bow into a treestand, often, I would plug the nock end of my arrows with dirt. Frustrating! With my old quiver, resting my bow on my treestand platform meant arrows protruding through the platform metal, often making unwanted noise. The TightSpot quiver allows substantial vertical adjustment that makes perfectly centering the quiver and arrows between the bow limbs a breeze.

Tightspot Quiver 5 Arrow Review
Quiver adjusted to center quiver and arrows between the bow's limbs

Quiver Angle Adjustment – The mounting bracket also allows for multiple mounting angles. Mounting the quiver at different angles can help an archer achieve better bow balance.

Tightspot Quiver
The author mounted his quiver at the end of the adjustment holes to allow clearance for the thumbscrew on a dovtail sight bar.

Arrow Gripper Adjustment – The TightSpot’s arrow gripper features allen key adjustable wedge blocks that allow an archer to customize how tightly (or not) the quiver holds the arrows. With so many arrow shaft diameter options these days, this feature ensures the TightSpot can secure various diameter arrow shafts.

Tightspot Arrow Gripper

Safety – The TightSpot’s quiver hood is larger and deeper than most competitors. The larger quiver hood protects broadheads, keeping them razor sharp. The hood design also prevents accidental contact of partially exposed broadhead blades with other gear or worse, your flesh. As someone who has personally experienced a cut bowstring in the middle of bow season, which resulted from a partially exposed broadhead blade rubbing against my bowstring while my quiver was stored in my bow case, I appreciate TightSpot’s attention to this detail.

Tightspot Quiver Hood
The deep quiver hood fully covers the blades of nearly all broadhead designs.

Quiet – The carbon quiver rods offer an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and they absorb vibration. TightSpot even claims the bow itself will vibrate less with a TightSpot quiver attached than with no quiver at all. The quiver hood is constructed with dampening material in the space between the hood ceiling and the insert. TightSpot selected a dampening material specifically formulated for acoustic sound-deadening applications. All this attention to detail makes the TightSpot one quiet quiver.

Lightweight – The TightSpot 5-arrow quiver is just 9.9 oz. The 3-arrow quiver is only 6.86 oz, and the new 7-arrow quiver weighs only 10.0 oz.

Reduced Torque – Two factors influence the torque a quiver imparts on a bow.

  1. Weight – A heavier quiver will torque a bow more than a lighter quiver mounted in the same location.
  2. Distance – The second factor that influences torque is the distance the weight (quiver) is placed from the axis of rotation (bow grip). The TightSpot quiver reduces torque by mounting the quiver closer to the axis of rotation and utilizing lightweight materials in its construction.

Quickdraw System – Have you ever needed quick access to a second arrow after a missed shot or questionable arrow impact? The Quickdraw System places the opening on the arrow gripper nearest the archer 90 degrees to the other four arrow grippers. An arrow gripper opening facing the archer means less conspicuous lateral movement when pulling out the first arrow in the quiver.

Tightspot Quiver Arrow Gripper
The "Quick Draw" arrow gripper faces back towards the archer.

Thumbscrew Compatible – I originally looked into the TightSpot quiver after purchasing a new sight with a dovetail bar. My new sight uses a large thumbscrew to secure the dovetail bar, and my old quiver would not mount on the sight without interfering with the thumbscrew. The TightSpot quiver uses a low-profile mounting bracket, which provided clearance between the sight’s thumbscrew and the quiver and quiver mount.

Tightspot Quiver

Durable – TightSpot manufacturers its quiver with ultra-durable polymers and carbon fiber components, which results in a tough, long-lasting product. If you have an issue with your TightSpot quiver, keep reading.

Warranty – TightSpot offers their “Ironclad Guarantee.” If the quiver breaks, no matter how, TightSpot will repair or replace it at no cost!

Made in the USA – TightSpot’s home office is located in Belgrade, Montana and they manufacture their quivers in the U.S.A.!

A Variety of Hood Color/Camo Options (Click links below to Buy!)

If you are looking for a new quiver, I recommend giving the TightSpot some serious consideration!

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